Welcome! Are you ready to learn how to speak dog? Owner and trainer of The Canine's Voice, Sabrielle will teach you how to! You'll learn how to train dogs through motivation and identify what your dog has deemed rewarding in the moment. Our training goes a little deeper. You'll learn how to change your dog's perception to the things that make them react, help them relax in the presence of things that cause over excitement, and you'll get to know your dog like never before in the process. Sabrielle has dedicated her life to helping dogs and the people who love them. For 13 years, she has submerged herself in this field, studying and learning from the best, and has helped over 10,000 dogs in that time! See "All Behaviors Are Addressed" below for info on puppy training, adult dogs, behavior modification, and day training! Our speciality is aggression and fear but we address everything from basics to service dog training and everything in between. It's time to change the way the world trains dogs!
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