All Behaviors Are Addressed

What’s best for my dog?

At The Canine’s Voice, we believe every dog can benefit from learning how to be a dog in our human world.

We address everything from basic obedience, manners in and out of the home, and behavior modification. We specialize in fear and dog to dog reactivity.

We also offer clicker training!

Training is for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and behaviors.

We have rescue dog specials! Ask about our Adopted Dog Discount!

Start your puppy out on the right paw by enrolling in training as soon as possible! Puppies can start in home training almost as soon as they’re brought home, just be extra cautious. Wash your hands as well as remove your shoes and change out of any clothing that is possibly contaminated by unhealthy dogs! Get them on a vaccination schedule and once they have the third round of shots, we can work on “real world” training outside of the home.

Our puppy package is an 8 week course with one session per week and can be broken into two parts with time off in between.

Start before you get your puppy or right after bringing them home.


We cover:
Bringing puppy home: puppy proofing, choosing a vet if you haven’t already, body language, handling, becoming a house dog, problem behavior prevention, socialization and proper exposure, potty training, as well as anything else you have questions about.



We teach:
Name, come when called, basic cues, loose leash walking, settling on cue, proper dog/human and dog/dog interaction and can add in tons of fun tricks and of course anything else you’d like to cover, as our sessions are customized.

We offer email and phone support between sessions.


Behavior modification:

Lots of dogs bark at the doorbell, many dogs may not like new people, some might not want to meet new dogs while on leash, and some are just too excited, just to name a few of the things we see every day. Regardless of what your dog currently does, we can redirect and teach them what to do instead.
Behavior modification is not limited to dogs with reactivity.

Remember the dog who is giving you a hard time is the dog who is having a hard time.

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