Free 30-minute phone consultation.

Obedience and manners

1-hour sessions in your home/out and about
Puppy 1: 6 for $660
Puppy 2: 6 for $660
Puppy combo pack: 12 for $1200, $120 savings
Adult obedience:
Basics: 4 for $475 (most popular)
Advanced: 8 for $850
Pay as you go: $120 per 60 minute session


Behavior Modification

1.5 hour sessions in your home/out and about
The initial consultation with session is 2 hours long and includes an assessment of the dog’s environment and behavior, customized session, emailed management and training plan with additional reading material, and ongoing email and phone support.

Initial consultation with session: $250

Additional sessions:

Pay as you go: $200 per 90 minute session

3 for $585
5 for $950 (most popular)
8 for $1480
10 for $1800

Board and Train

Your dog lives with Sabrielle for a decided amount of time, then you get trained. Follow-up sessions included for 4 months post board and train.

$5000 for 6 weeks
$2800 for 3 weeks
$1900 for 2 weeks
$1000 for 1 week

Day Training 

drop off your dog in the morning, pick up in the evening. Great for dogs who need help with social skills. In-your-home options available. Days do not need to be consecutive.

3 sessions with your dog (in your home or mine) and 1 transfer session with you per week. $400

Perfect Pedi Package

for dogs who HATE having their nails trimmed. Teach your dog to LOVE it!



Bath $35

Nail trim (no training needed) $20

Ear cleaning $15

Cooperative Clinic Care

teach your dog to be comfortable with handling at vet appointments. Have the trainer do less-stress handling for your vet.

$75/session at your vet appointment

All sessions subject to a travel fee of $0.54 / mile. Trainer based in San Lorenzo.

Ask about current discounts and sales!

The Canine’s Voice also offers payments plans.

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