The Canine’s Voice is all about being a voice for your dog and teaching you to speak their language. We follow a science-backed, rewards-based approach.

By speaking their language, we build trust and make proper associations happen faster. Dogs learn through what keeps them safe, what gets them what they want, what’s fun, and what worked last time.
If your dog pulls on leash to get to where he wants to go, pulling equals moving forward.
If they jump on guests when they come in, jumping equals attention (any attention is still attention). If your dog barks and growls at passing dogs or humans, barking makes the perceived threat go away.
What happens when we focus on what we want the dog to do? 
Being next to us makes us move forward. 
Staying outside the guest’s bubble grants access to the party. Noticing the stranger quietly equals something awesome happens and they still go away. These are just a few examples. Create what you want to see more of. 
I want to help you empower your dog to make the right choices. 
We firmly believe that there is no need for fear, force, or pain in training. Behavior changes by teaching the dog what we want them to do or changing how they feel about the situation they are reacting to and reinforcing the behaviors we want. We get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. We train the human as well so the results stick once the trainer leaves.